Jasone Miranda-Bilbao

Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style

This is the traditional method of practicing Ashtanga yoga as taught by the late K. Pattabhi jois at the KPJAYI yoga institute in the city of Mysore (India) hence the name 'Mysore style'. Everyone can practice it regardless of age and physical ability, all levels practice in the same class. The teacher gives individual instructions and each student moves at his or her own pace. This way of learning plays an essential part in the development of what is known as a 'self-practice'.

Jasone has had a dedicated Mysore practice since 2002. In London she practices under the guidance of Hamish Hendry whom she has also assisted for several years, and has studied at the KPJAYI of Mysore. There she realised that to make yoga her own, she needed to understand the ways in which India intertwines spirituality and the stuff of daily life. She began to live and work between London and Delhi and this experience of spirituality in context is what has shaped her yoga most. To deepen her understanding of how we generate relations between things she completed a PhD that looks at the relationship between movement and stillness. Jasone is also a practicing artist.


Schedule of classes Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style:


Classes run via Zoom, for link and details of payment please contact below.

Mon-Fri - 5:30 / 8:30 am GMT
Sunday - 8:00 / 10 am GMT
Monthly pass unlimited, men £110 / women £100 (women normally rest first 3 days of their cycle)
Drop in, pay £5 or £7 as you wish. 


Classes take place at Ebury Edge, 43 Ebury Bridge Road. London SW1
Jasone shares the program with Lauren Munday (https://www.laurenashtangayoga.com/) and each teach on different Sundays. Detailed scheduled @ashtangayogabear (https://www.instagram.com/ashtangayogabear/?hl=en)

Sundays - 8:00 / 10:00 am GMT
Students that have an online monthly pass with Jasone, £10 per class; other drop-ins £15
Drop in pass: 3 consecutive classes £46 + fourth class free
We offer one bursary which is a block of free classes, if you are interested get in touch.

We honour the tradition of giving asana a rest the mornings after a new moon and a full moon therefore no classes on those days, 2023:

January - 6th, 21st
February - 5th, 20th
March - 7th, 21st
April - 6th, 20th
May - 5th, 19th
June - 4th, 18th
July - 3rd, 17th
August - 1st, 16th, 31st
September - 15th, 29th
October - 14th, 28th
November - 13th, 27th
December - 12th, 27th

If you would like your name to be added to the mailing list please let Jasone know. 


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